Elusive Inspiration

It seems there are a number of people who want to write a novel. They are just waiting for inspiration to strike. I used to be one of those people, and if I am totally honest, I still am.

It is hard to sit and force yourself to write when you aren’t feeling very inspired. Sometimes, it is even difficult for me to sit down and type up another blog post when I don’t really know what I want to share about. There are a number of other things I could be doing that seem much more productive than staring and the flashing line on a blank white background.

Inspiration is elusive. It is not always there when you want it, or even need it. It isn’t even a physical thing that you can catch or see. It is something that truly only exists in our imaginations. Inspiration is not necessary to writing. Sure it helps, but for writing, one primarily needs to just sit and write. The inspiration will eventually come.

Perhaps inspiration is curious. It wants to know what you can possibly come up with when it isn’t around. There have been times when I really don’t have an idea of how to get through a scene. So I sit there and stare, slowly I start to type out some words and sentences, and a little while later, I have a great idea.

In the end though, I don’t think inspiration wants to be sought after. I think it just wants to appear when we least expect it. Perhaps it is in the way the man walked when he crossed the street in front of your car, maybe it was the smile of the child leaving the toy store with something new in a shopping bag, maybe it will appear in the book on your nightstand, or in a conversation with a long lost friend.

Inspiration never needs to be searched for. I think we have to wait for it to come to us. We just don’t need to wait idly, because it won’t come then.


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