Taking a Step Back

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have a problem with getting overly excited about things and jumping into them to quickly find myself overwhelmed. I set some pretty hefty goals for myself this year, and it is starting to wear on my where writing is concerned.

I didn’t post my usual blogs last week or yesterday and I don’t have one planned for Thursday either. I am taking a brief step away from blogging for a couple of purposes. First of all, I need to focus more on getting into a solid writing routine on my WIPs. Second of all, I had read a couple of blogs recently that made me question what the purpose of my blog is.

While doing a bit of publishing research, I learned that having a social media platform is a plus when it comes to traditional publishing. So my thought was to start working on that now, and it would (hopefully) be there when I was ready to start searching for an agent or publisher. After all, the more time I have had my blog up, the more likely I will develop a following. I had another reason for wanting to have a blog. I was hoping to make other contacts in the writing community that I could form critique groups with.

Both of these are still reasons that exist for my blog. However, the first reason, that author platform, has made me consider wanting to change some of the content on my blog–make it a bit less “writerly”. So, with that said, I am hoping to plan on writing more posts about me and life, with the occasional writer tidbit in there. After all, unless you are a writer, you would find all sorts of content about craft boring. The purpose of the blog is to hopefully attract some future readers.

The above is the real reason for my brief hiatus. There was also a fiasco concerning appliance shopping that has also been interfering with my time and concentration, but perhaps that story will save itself for another time.

Hopefully, I will be ready with some fresh posts the first or second week of February.


4 thoughts on “Taking a Step Back

  1. My Blog is all about “writer tidbits” lol but I can definitely see what you are talking about. In the end we create our blogs to gain followers who will in turn read our books,hopefully. I’ll always be heavy on writer tidbits because when I find information on something I want to share it but I do think it would be good to also focus on things that my readers would enjoy as well.


    1. I’m the same way. If I find something that I think is helpful I want to share it as well. I think the key is to find a good balance between writing about craft and writing something that will hopefully attract readers.


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