The sun will come out…

I love the sunshine. My husband is amused sometimes because like our cats, I too enjoy stretching out in that patch of light on our carpet in the afternoon. Even better are nice sunny days that I can go outside and sit at our patio and spend some time reading or writing.

The downside is, that Michigan takes a bit of time to warm up. For this year especially, it seems like the weather just doesn’t want to fully warm up. After having a winter that I’m sure will be in the records somewhere (probably most consecutive days of snow, never not having snow on the ground, freezing cold, etc.), I’m absolutely ready to spend some time on our deck.

Last summer, I knocked out most of a novella sitting on our deck, and was able to finish it off in the fall. I also started forming ideas for some other stories. One of which I am working on plotting out now. Did you know that the color green can inspire our creativity? For myself, that explains a lot of why I probably enjoy writing sitting at our patio. While I don’t live in the most secluded place, we don’t have a lot of traffic going by our house. There is some woods across the road, and our neighbors are fairly quiet people. It makes such a perfect place for me to write.

My current problem is that it just doesn’t want to warm up enough for me to fully settle in out there. Yesterday we got up into the low sixties, but there was such a chilly breeze. I went out and wrote a few pages anyways while all bundled up. I think there will be some really nice days later this week, so I can get out and do some writing.

At least I hope so.



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