Review: While Love Stirs by Lorna Seilstad

Armed with the knowledge of how cooking can improve life, Charlotte Gregory can’t help but want to make a difference. Unable to procure a position in so0me of the city’s kitchens, Charlotte can’t help but jump on the opportunity to give demonstrations on a gas stove for the gas company. It provides her the opportunity to travel and lecture, and even be an ambassador to the hospitals in the towns she visits to help inform them of providing more appealing and nutritious meals to their patients.

Dr. Joel Brooks is hesitant to even consider that what Charlotte Gregory has to say is worth listening to. Not with the limited finances he has to deal with, and he likes to have things ordered, and inviting Charlotte to make changes will incorporate, well, changes.

However, planning a fundraising gala might help them both, but can they accomplish anything when they need to argue anytime they are near each other?

This second novel focusing on one of the Gregory sisters is quite delectable!

I truly enjoy outspoken female characters, and Charlotte Gregory is certainly that. This whole novel starts in small increments and just keeps building tension until the end. It is wonderfully written. Not to mention, that is seamlessly picks up after the first novel, and given that there is a third sister who we see quite a bit of, it will just as seamlessly lead into a third novel, which I am quite excited for. Dr. Joel Brooks is also an interesting character. Many people can relate to wanting order in their lives, even if it isn’t quite to the same extreme. While he is hard to really like at first in the novel, the more the reader learns about him, the more likeable he becomes.

The secondary characters in the novel are also delightful. Molly, Charlotte’s travelling companion and Lewis, a singer for the gas company, are a nice addition to the novel, among others.

Seilstad’s descriptions are quite lovely, and will leave you hungry in all the scenes where Charlotte cooks. I would definitely recommend this novel (and you don’t necessarily have to read the first novel in the series, but it is a good one as well).

For more about Lorna Seilstad or this book, please look at the following links:

I recieved this book from NetGalley and Revell in exchange for my honest review.



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