Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

First of all, Elizabeth Camden’s books have to be among some of my favorite. Her stories blend the perfect amount of mystery with some pretty deep characters. Many of her novels also incorporate some interesting history into them as well. So if you are hard-pressed to wait for With Every Breath to be released, you may want to check out some of her other novels. You won’t be disappointed!

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From Amazon: 

In the shadow of the nation’s capital, Kate Livingston’s respectable life as a government worker is disrupted by an encounter with the insufferable Trevor McDonough, the one man she’d hoped never to see again. A Harvard-trained physician, Trevor never showed the tiniest flicker of interest in Kate, and business is the only reason he has sought her out now.

Despite her misgivings, Kate agrees to Trevor’s risky proposal to join him in his work to find a cure for tuberculosis. As Kate begins to unlock the mysteries of Trevor’s past, his hidden depths fascinate her. However, a shadowy enemy lies in wait and Trevor’s closely guarded secrets are darker than she ever suspected.

As revelations from the past threaten to destroy their careers, their dreams, and even their lives, Trevor and Kate find themselves in a painfully impossible situation. With everything to lose, they must find the strength to trust that hope and love can prevail over all.

I’ve learned to expect a lot from Elizabeth Camden whenever I pick up one of her books. I’m glad to say that this novel exceeded my expectations (not to mention a lovely cover).

With Every Breath does a wonderful job setting up the competitive natures that the hero and heroine have as young children, and how that carries over to their adult lives. This trait of their personal makes them fascinating when their lives cross again when they are adults and Trevor wants to hire Kate. It also makes for some great scenes as the sparks fly between them and emotions are running high for them. I couldn’t help but smile or get frustrated in some of these scenes.

The book also has a bit of a mystery that is going on in the background. Trying to identify who is the cause of it leaves a great number of plot twists and turns that saves the book from being overly predictable.

As a note on the historical context, I loved this one. Visiting the Tuberculosis floor of the hospital was tough to read about at times, but it is that same aspect that made Trevor such an admirable character in the novel. His passion to at least prolong life and even stronger passion to find a cure really helped to flesh out his character. The novel also had some interesting insight about TB and it’s effects. It seems like characters with the disease show up in a number of novels, but it isn’t always as central to it as this one was.

In her author’s note at the end, Camden includes a quote from Dr. Trudeau’s memoir, a physician working to treat tuberculosis, while he also had it himself, and lived with it for over 40 years. After reading the novel, I can clearly see Camden’s inspiration for With Every Breath in this quote. However, there is also some truth in how we should be living our lives. While many of us will not be walking around with a disease that is sure to end our lives, we still don’t know how many days we have left, so we should be making the best of it.

“The struggle with tuberculosis has brought me experiences and left me recollections which I never could have known otherwise, and I would not exchange it for all the wealth of the Indies! While struggling to save others, it has enabled me to make the best friends a man ever had…I have learned that the conquest of Fate is not by struggling against it, but by acquiescence; that it is often through men that we come to know God; that spiritual courage is of a higher type than physical courage; and that it takes a higher type of courage to fight a losing rather than a winning fight.”

With Every Breath will be released July 29, 2014.

For more on the author or this book, please check out the following links:

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**I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**



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