Review: Meat and Potatoes by Rahm Fama

I’m pretty sure that cookbooks are the best picture books there are. Sure a young kid might not agree with that, but I can spend hours poring over pictures of food. Personally, I’m not a fan of steak, but seeing a picture of one cooked and prepared to perfection can nearly make me change my mind and want to try it. 

Growing up, meat and potatoes were a staple. There were few things my mom made that didn’t fall into this grouping. Rahm Fama’s cookbook, entitled Meat and Potatoes, caught my attention. The title alone made me reminisce about the type of dinners Mom made. I tend to not make them quite as much, but perhaps this cookbook might change that.

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From the back cover: 

Armed with a cast-iron skillet and the best ingredients he can find, meat-loving chef Rahm Fama serves up a fresh take on chuck wagon cuisine for flavorful meals you can enjoy no matter where you are.

Inspired by his early years on a Southwest cattle ranch, he followed his carnivorous curiosity across the country, seeking the choicest cuts and best ways to cook them. There’s nothing like the thrill of throwing a pat of butter in a hot pan and searing a perfect steak, or grilling a pork chop, or braising chicken. Meat and Potatoes presents 52 irresistible and simple meals—one for every week:

• Pepper-Crusted New York Strip Steak, Hand-Cut Fries & Wilted Mustard Greens
• Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloins, Granny Smith Apple Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Fennel Ragu
• Turkey Kabobs, Tzatziki Couscous Salad & Eggplant Caviar
• Lamb Medallions, Sweet Potato Galette & Crusty Fried Green Tomatoes

Here, too, are one-pot recipes, including Shepherd’s Pie Cupcakes and Paella with Pepper Bacon, plus ideas for sandwiches to make with leftover meat. Meals that take less than an hour are highlighted throughout for fast, delicious weeknight options. Rahm’s knowledge about meat and rustic recipes from the range will help you upgrade your dishes, no matter who rides into town.

There were a few things about this cookbook that I really appreciated, but then there are others I’m more indifferent about.

From the first pages of the introduction to the snippets before each recipe, it is obvious that Rahm Fama is passionate about his meats. As he should be, afterall, meat does tend to be the stars of a lot of meals. Included in each section, are some thorough and helpful descriptions of how to select the best meats. He even talks about the differences of how animals are raised and how that can affect the meat as well. I don’t know as much as I probably should about selecting the best cuts of meat, but I’ll probably be referring to those pages often.

The part that I’m a bit more indifferent about are the recipes themselves. There weren’t too many that actually had a strong appeal to me. I’ll admit that I can have a picky palate at times, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t that impressed. With that said, the pictures in the book are phenomenal, so maybe that will encourage me to try some of them in my kitchen.

For more on the author or this book, please check out the following links:

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**I received a free copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review**



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