Review: The Healer’s Touch by Lori Copeland

The supernatural isn’t something that you come across in Christian fiction very often, at least beyond angels, and especially in romance novels. Often it seems that ideas of ghosts and spirits don’t mesh with Biblical beliefs at all. I can’t help but wonder though how there are so many sightings and unusual occurrences that so many people have experienced. I find it hard to write them off completely.

One interesting facet about the supernatural is that often some of the legends and stories behind them can be quite fascinating, and make excellent fodder for story ideas. Lori Copeland takes one such mysterious occurrence and  uses it in her latest novel. 

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From Amazon: 

Lori Copeland, beloved author of more than 100 books, brings a new adventure to life in her latest novel. Lyric Bolton doesn’t ask for much—just friendship and acceptance from her rural Missouri community. But her family is regarded with suspicion and fear because of her mother’s sickness—a sickness of the mind that grows worse by the day. Lyric is resigned to a life of isolation and doesn’t see any way out…but that’s before Ian Cawley bolts into her life on a runaway stallion. As she opens her heart to Ian, Lyric dares to imagine a different life. But what will happen when he discovers the secret she holds closest of all?

The Healer’s Touch was an enjoyable novel. It wasn’t as intense as it could have been, nor did it offer the twists and turns that make a page turner, but the novel itself was sweet. The story of a woman who is trapped in her life is one that is interesting. The town distrusts her become of her unstable mother, and she is isolated. No one wants anything to do with her, until a mysterious stranger charges into her life.

My main complaint about this novel was that it felt like the author tried to keep the storyline “safe.” Everything seemed to go too smoothly. There were a lot of different aspects that could have added a lot more tension to the story in my opinion.

I loved the concept of this novel, and all in all it was a good book. Just might not be as memorable in my list of novels.

The Healer’s Touch will be available August 1, 2014.

For more on the author or this book, please check out the following links:

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**I received a free copy of this book from Harvest House and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**



2 thoughts on “Review: The Healer’s Touch by Lori Copeland

  1. I reviewed this book awhile back and felt the same way. The book just does not grab your attention or hold it like some of her books. Glad to hear same thoughts from someone else.



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