Review: Amity of the Angelmen by T.C. Slonaker

I went to college to be a teacher. I always thought that this was my calling in life. It turned out that I was misguided somewhere, but didn’t figure that out until after I graduated. However, the training and education I received has been quite invaluable. I also discovered some new things. 

As a requirement for my degree, I had to be a teacher assistant in a middle school classroom. At the time, Rick Riordan was in the midst of his Percy Jackson series– and they were popular, and that’s an understatement. As a way to connect with the students, I started to read the books. I was pulled in from page one. Mythology was always interesting to me. While I don’t believe in any of it, studying it does give a glimpse into the culture that myths stem from and offer lessons in morality.

At some point when reading Amity of Angelmen by T.C. Slonaker, it popped into my head that it was like a Christian version of the Percy Jackson series. Instead of the main character being half human half God, the main character is half human and half angel. So with that in mind, keep reading for a plot summary and my review of this intriguing Christian YA novel.

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From Amazon: 

Amity David is not human, as the seventeen-year-old pastor’s daughter had thought she was. Her life has now been upturned and possibly set aright with the help of Mackenzie Abel, a young priest as conflicted about his calling as Amity is about hers. Blindly searching for answers together that will serve God’s intent, the two also struggle against feelings they have developed for one another. Can Amity trust the alleged angel who told her she is descended from a demon? Part of her hopes not because, if true, it means she is being called to help free others like her from the ties of her evil heritage through war. What happens when a being created out of evil, is called to fight on the side of good? And what if this evil being thinks she is a good person, only to find she is not even a person at all?

I’ve always had a small part of my reading heart dedicated to fantasy. This was a wonderful read to fill that. The story was fast paced and eventful, leading up to a spectacular ending. There were questions that remained in the end, but well, this is the first book of the series so things shouldn’t be ending too neatly.

The novel is a demonstrations of spiritual warfare. It answers the “what if” question of what would it be like if the Nephilim (Genesis 6) were still in the world. It uses this thought to demonstrate how much God loves us, his creation. T.C. Slonaker made good use of a number of scripture references throughout the novel, and in fact the main character turns to those verses and picks up her own Bible a number of times when she wants to learn more or needs encouragement.

While a novel like this hasn’t been on my list of books to read for awhile, I’m glad I decided to review this book. It was a nice change to my typical reading and it got me curious about a few things in the Bible, and any book that makes you want to spend more time in the Word is a good thing.

For more on the author or this book, please check out the following links:

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**I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review**



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