Review: Love Unfeigned by Nadine C. Keels

One of my favorite parts of writing a review blog is the opportunities to read things I wouldn’t normally read. On my Review Policy I wrote that I’m usually pretty willing to give most books a try. While I have turned a couple of requests down because they just weren’t books that I would enjoy to read at all or that I’m just not the right person to review the genre, I enjoy receiving the requests.

Over time, I’m sure more books like Love Unfeigned will come my way. These are books that I might not have noticed or paid attention to while browsing around for my next good read. I don’t know why I would have missed them, while covers and titles do intrigue me, I usually let the synopsis decide for me, and sometimes even the first few pages. I’m glad the Nadine C. Keels contacted me about her novella, Love Unfeigned–it was a story I enjoyed.

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From Amazon: 

Love to the chords of a classic jazz band…
From the first time Lorraine, a plucky and competitive girl, contends on the playground against Isaiah, an impish boy whose smile gleams in more ways than one, the two of them can’t help knowing each other. Neither can they avoid passions and misfortunes lining the path to young adulthood, and when the breakup of Isaiah’s family disrupts the haven he’s shared with Lorraine, their natural relationship is eventually threatened by jealousy, grave trauma, and abandonment. As one year follows another, and another, what might it take to reunite these two companions in love: love undeniably real and unbounded by time?

When I finished this novella, there were a couple of things that surprised me. First of all, since the book covers ground between elementary school through just after college graduation, I was astounded at the easy pacing the author sets. The book never felt rushed for its 128 pages. The second surprise was the depth of emotion in the story. Love Unfeigned is a story about love. The relationship between Lorraine and Isaiah is at first pure, but as they get older, problems, misunderstandings, and jealousy all exist between them.

Keel is an expert storyteller, using language to evoke strong images with the story that she is telling. For most of the book, the timeline moves sequentially. But in a few key places, there are a couple of jumps. These transitions move smoothly and offer a bit of mystery. Since the first chapter of the novel starts in the present, then jumps into the past, dozens of questions were on my mind reading the book. I couldn’t wait for the answers, and by the end I had received them, and I was satisfied with the answers.

Love Unfeigned was a beautiful novella. I enjoyed it quite a bit and will probably be watching for more titles from Nadine C. Keels like this one in the future.

For more on the author or this book, please check out the following links:

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**I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review**



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