Review: Submerged by Dani Pettrey

Given my last book review, it would appear that I am on a bit of a mystery kick. I’ve noticed Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage books popping up around online and have been intrigued by them. They all sounded, well, suspenseful! I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

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From Amazon: 

A sabotaged plane. Two dead deep-water divers.

Yancey, Alaska was a quiet town…until the truth of what was hidden in the depths off the coast began to appear.

Bailey Craig vowed never to set foot in Yancey again. She has a past, and a reputation–and Yancey’s a small town. She’s returned to bury a loved one killed in the plane crash and is determined not to stay even an hour more than necessary. But then dark evidence emerges and Bailey’s own expertise becomes invaluable for the case.

Cole McKenna can handle the deep-sea dives and helping the police recover evidence. He can even handle the fact that a murderer has settled in his town and doesn’t appear to be moving on. But dealing with the reality of Bailey’s reappearance is a tougher challenge. She broke his heart, but she is not the same girl who left Yancey. He let her down, but he’s not the same guy she left behind. Can they move beyond the hurts of their pasts and find a future together?

From the first few pages of this novel, I was completely drawn in to this story. Right away, with a plane crash, it is obvious that something isn’t right. With every page, the tension increased in the story. I’m a pretty fast reader typically, but I could not read this book fast enough.

Submerged had a number of surprises in it. Without going into too much detail, Bailey was a pretty well developed character with a past that left her feeling pretty broken inside. While she had turned her life around, returning to Yancey brought back a lot of pain for her that she would much rather forget. I wasn’t quite expecting this emotional layer in this novel. But I was pleased that it was there, since this was one of the avenues that faith was brought to the forefront of the novel. It also added to making Bailey feel a bit more real. She wasn’t overly flawed, but she certainly wasn’t perfect. She was relatable because we all have things in our past that we regret, and would rather avoid dealing with.

Another big surprise was the incorporation of history into the novel. Unfortunately, I don’t want to go into too much detail here, because part of the fun of reading it was uncovering the history along with the characters. Some of it seemed quite believable and some of it may have been created for the purposes of the novel. All I will say is that what is uncovered in the book is going to make me do some research. I’m curious as to how much is fact, and how much is, well, fiction.

If you enjoy a good suspenseful page-turner with a bit of romance thrown in, then this would be a great book to pick up. I’ll be adding the rest of this series to my list of books to read.

I would love to hear from you! What is your favorite part of a suspenseful novel?

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**This is a book that I personally bought. The opinions expressed are my own.**

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2 thoughts on “Review: Submerged by Dani Pettrey

  1. I like to read suspense. I love the challenge of trying to figure out who is behind it before the author reveals it. I love trying to pick up on the subtle hits the writer left behind as clues.


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