See you later, September!

September has brought me a wide variety of books. More non-fiction sat on my bookshelf this month than usual, and that’s okay. But the fiction on my shelf came from a variety of settings as well. Take a look at the books that I reviewed this month, if you are interested in my thoughts on any one of them, the links will take you to my review.

Some of the novels that I read this month really surprised me. Honor by Lyn Cote was different from what I was expecting. This book was so difficult to put down and I became so absorbed in the lives of these characters! I think Samuel and Honor from this novel are some of my favorite characters from the month. Their characters truly came to life within the pages, and I was so sad to say goodbye to them when I finished the final page of the book.

Laura Frantz’s novel was another sad book to leave, but for a slightly different reason. While I enjoyed the character of Wren in the novel, Love’s Fortune was the final novel in her Ballantyne Legacy series. This was a series that I really enjoyed. Laura Frantz is a wonderful author, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever she writes next, but it is still hard to leave a series that is so enjoyable to read.

While it is a bit early to talk about Christmas books, I adored the stories told through Where Treetops Glisten. Cara Putman, Sarah Sundin, and Tricia Goyer tell the stories of three siblings finding love in the Christmas season set against a WWII backdrop. Each story is wonderful on it’s own, but together, they make a wonderful book. If you are looking for some books for your Christmas reading list, take some time to check out this book, I think you’ll find it worth it!

Finally, I would like to highlight a book by an author who is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Tracy L. Higley writes historically rich novels. I read two of her books (and a short story allegory that is currently free on Amazon) this month. Both novels that I read were set in the ancient world, in Biblical times. The first novel, Palace of Darkness is set in Petra. The book brought this city of stone to life in an intense story with a lot of spiritual warfare. The next novel I read, The Queen’s Handmaid traverses from the Palace of Cleopatra to the Palace of Herod. Again, history came to life in this book, and the tension just kept on building to the final pages. There is also a thread that runs through the novel that sets up Tracy L. Higley’s next project: a book about the wise men.

October Line-Up: I’m so excited for the books that are lining up for October. I’ll be reviewing The Covered Deep by Brandy Vallance. This might be the novel I’m most excited for. If you haven’t heard of this book or checked it out, and you enjoy Christian/Historical/Romance novels, you should probably take a gander at the synopsis.

I recently discovered a series of novels by Michael K. Reynolds that I’m also really looking forward to. I have the first novel, Flight of the Earls on my shelf waiting to be read. This series is incorporating a couple of interests of mine: The Irish and history. My understanding is that the series follows generations of a family through the nineteenth century. I also don’t review a lot of novels by male authors, so hopefully this will be a bit of a change of pace! If this novel is as good as I’m anticipating it will be, I will be planning on reviewing the rest of the series as well, probably in November and December.

Many readers enjoy reading scary novels in October, but I prefer to get my pulse racing with suspenseful novels, and I have a few lined up for October. Irene Hannon’s Deceived came in the mail this past week. The final line of the synopsis has me quite intrigued to pick this book up: “Deceived is filled with complex characters, unexpected twists, and a riveting plotline that accelerates to an explosive finish.”

Feel free to check out my GoodReads site if you are interested in seeing what books I am currently reading. I frequently keep it updated with the books that I am going to be reviewing. You can also follow me on Twitter– I don’t tweet a lot but you will see when I post a new blog and I do tweet about other giveaways for books that I find online. Either way, I would love to connect with you. If you are an author with a book you would like me to review, head over to my Review Policy and contact me through there, I really would love to hear from you! (Note: I am currently scheduling book reviews for about a month and a half out. If you would like your novel or novella reviewed in November/December, please contact me soon.)

Writing: September has been such a busy month! Writing didn’t happen much in the beginning, but I’ve managed to start writing a bit duringWriting on Wednesday Badge the last week or so of the month. Hopefully, October will be a bit stronger in this area. I’ve been working on planning out a series of blog posts that will go up every Wednesday, called “Writing on Wednesday.” I know it’s not a super creative name, but it is straightforward. These posts will be a check-in time for me, and for anyone else who wants to join me in this. I will talk about some of the struggles I find in writing and hopefully offer (and find) some encouragement.

What are some of your favorite books you read this past month? What books are you most looking forward to? Do you have any writing projects you are excited about?


6 thoughts on “See you later, September!

  1. Let’s see… favorite books from September. I think I was finishing the Prairie Promise Series. We talked about that fantastic series already and it’s definitely a fav. Actually it’s been a pretty good reading month for me. I also read and enjoyed the The Truth About Drew and Mercy Springs this month. Oh, and how could I forget that I finally got my hands on Anne Mateer’s latest, Playing by Heart. It was a good month for me. 🙂
    I’m most looking forward to that coveted library book, The Heirloom Heiress by Winnie Griggs. I have another amazing book that I can start and I’m looking forward to reading but for some reason, I am determined to read this book next. Lol I’ve been #1 on the list for far too long. I can get the book any second now and yet it alludes me. I think it’s more of a personal battle really. Lol
    Like you, I’m focusing on writing more in October. I don’t have any certain goals in mind other than to make a big splash in my latest rough draft. I do plan on keeping up with a weekly word count. When you know the end of the story it can be hard to patiently plug in one word at a time and I’m as eager as my readers are to finish this one. 🙂


    1. That #1 position on waiting lists is an interesting place to be… I know when I’ve joined up on a waiting list at the library it seemed like I could be person 15 on the list and in no time at all I would get up to 1… then it seemed like forever before I could finally get the book!


  2. Looks like you’ve been busy! I am interested in reading Honor. That books looks interesting! The cover wants to pull me in to the story.
    So many good books out there, not enough time! Speaking of Christmas, I just finished The Fruitcake Challenge by Carrie Fancett Pagels. Light, fun Christmas read! I’ll be reviewing it on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’ve been seeing that popping up on some different blogs.

      Honor was so much better than I was even expecting. I believe Lyn Cote is creating a series of novels based around Quaker brides. I can’t wait to read more!


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