Writing on Wednesday (October 15)

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Writing on Wednesday is a way to keep this particular writer on track (I hope!). These are weekly posts/updates where I will share something from the past week of writing with the readers of this blog. Sometimes it might be something I’ve learned, found useful, or a bit of my own writing and ideas. I hope this will be a time of sharing, encouragement, and accountability. Join me in setting some writing goals to finish that project and celebrate each success.

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Over the past couple of weeks, it has been interesting to see what kind of writing quirks I’m finding. If I have some background music going, I feel like I can just type away so much easier. I know from some other writers, they make playlists for their projects. Songs that match what they are working on. For myself, it doesn’t matter what the song is. I’ve been just playing my iTunes on random. I’ve had some folk, country, worship songs, dubstep, techno, oldies, eighties, and soundtracks. It’s been a variety. I’m not sure if it is the fact that music can help us get into an emotional and more creative side or because it drowns out other noises. The music is familiar, so I don’t focus on it, and that means I can ignore neighbor mowing his lawn, the garbage man picking up trash, the quad going up and down the road, or my cats chasing each other around the house. I can focus on the story playing out in my mind.

I’m also learning how much more I enjoy writing when I have someone who I can bounce ideas around with. While at it’s core, writing is a solitary effort, it makes a difference having people who are cheering you on. That is one thing that has made a difference for me for this current novel I am working on than my past projects. I am looking forward to seeing the story grow, develop, and transform and having others to share it with. If you don’t have someone to help talk through the tangles in your plot or character development, I highly encourage you to find someone.

My Writing Goals for the month of October:

My October writing goal is to just write every day, Monday through Friday, in hopes of hitting at least a minimum of 500 words per day and developing a healthy habit of daily writing.

How have I been doing?

This week has turned out to be quite productive. I’ve nearing the 10% mark for my word count goal. I started the week at 6,631 words and finished with 9,574 words. I am pleased with that progress. I also took some time to start working on some character profiles. I spent about two days on my heroine, Eleanor, who I knew quite well, and I’m in the middle of learning about my hero. Until this past week, I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into my hero, Caleb. The two characters do not know each other until a little ways into the book. So I’ve been just focusing on Eleanor’s story, and telling it straight through. But, as that portion is about finished, it is time to shift my attention to Caleb. I know more about how he will fit in later in the story so I’ve been working a bit backwards with him. I’m happy with how everything is coming together though.

Future Goals:

October is about halfway over, and that means I need to start looking to see what type of goals I want to make for November. I have two ideas in mind. The first, is to continue to just pace myself like I have been this month. The second, and a bit more appealing option, is to participate in NaNoWriMo. It seems a bit odd to spend October primarily focused on getting into a regular habit of writing and then move into NaNoWriMo with the hefty word count goals that it brings.

But looking over the progress for the past month and seeing what is working well for me, the encouragement and social aspects of NaNoWriMo are quite appealing. So, I’ve set up my account (feel free to add me as a friend) and as of now, I plan to join in the craziness. Besides, if I win it, I’ll have written 50% of my rough draft in November alone. If I get to where I think I will be by the end of October, I’ll be 75% of the way done with my rough draft. It’s ambitious, but doable. I wrote my 50,000 words last year. I can do it again this year, and I still have time to change my mind.

Writing Reflections:

Awhile ago, I read an article about how avid readers are the best significant others. They tend to be more understanding, after all, they’ve been in a lot of other character’s shoes. Novels offer people a unique opportunity to explore different ideas.

I can’t help but think how that is probably even more true for writers of fiction. There is so much that we imagine before we even put a dot on a page. In my own process, I turn on the projector to the movie screen in my mind and watch the various ways a scene could unfold before I choose one to write down.

Readers and writers are privileged. We have chosen to be able to live not even just twice, but hundreds of lives.

What do you need to write? Do you have to have snacks? music? peace and quiet?


Do you plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this year?


2 thoughts on “Writing on Wednesday (October 15)

  1. Another great week behind you! I’m not sure what my goals for November will be. Probably much of the same only not as public this time around.
    My needs while I’m writing differs on my mood and normally during 1 session includes all of them. I like to have music on in the background: either Christmas or Christian. I sometimes listen to Christmas music out of season, especially when I’m writing the Christmas scenes for the novel.
    I’m a snacker and need to eat every 2 hours, so there is normally food involved at some point. Tea or coffee go with writing well too. 🙂
    I also enjoy quiet. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I start with music and sometimes I come to a point where I can no longer think with the music playing. Sometimes I even have to rip off my glasses so I can see and think more clearly. Lol


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