Writing on Wednesday (October 22)

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Writing on Wednesday is a way to keep this particular writer on track (I hope!). These are weekly posts/updates where I will share something from the past week of writing with the readers of this blog. Sometimes it might be something I’ve learned, found useful, or a bit of my own writing and ideas. I hope this will be a time of sharing, encouragement, and accountability. Join me in setting some writing goals to finish that project and celebrate each success.

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Somehow, the past week has felt stressful. I don’t know if I have just had more going on or I have let some things go over the past few weeks that have started to catch up to me. I have had a couple of days where I haven’t written as much, but then on the days I have been writing, I’m continuing to surprise myself with my word counts. It’s quite motivating. I’ve also been receiving so much encouragement from both online friendships and friends and and family around me. Writing can be lonely, but that interest helps battle some of that feeling.

Last week I was creeping close to the 10% mark. This week, I find the 20% mark in sight, and I should hit it over this next week. These small milestones show that I am making progress.

My Writing Goals for the month of October:

My October writing goal is to just write every day, Monday through Friday, in hopes of hitting at least a minimum of 500 words per day and developing a healthy habit of daily writing.

How have I been doing?

It’s been an interesting blend of productivity. While I haven’t necessarily been actively writing every day (I missed two days this week, I think) I’ve been working on other story aspects, primarily character profiles and brainstorming scenes. I’m really hoping to get a number of scenes planned out so that I have a solid plan for NaNoWriMo. I’ve pretty much decided to do it, I love the idea of being 50,000 words further in my novel by the end of November!

So, over this past week, I have brought my word count up to 14,993 words. That is 5,419 more words this week. So while my goal is a minimum of 500 ever day, I can certainly be thrilled with that and start thinking about challenging myself to some higher word counts!


Writing Reflections:

There are very few novels, movies, or songs that have made me cry. However, there are quite a few that make me feel deeply for characters or the story. I just don’t think I’m very outwardly emotional.

In my current projects, I am finding that I have a tendency to want to skip over the tough scenes. Those scenes that hurt to write. Whether it is just an emotionally difficult subject matter or saying goodbye to a character I’ve been really enjoying. While those moments are draining and hard to get through, they are a positive thing, because what we feel as writers gets passed on to the reader.

This also holds true for surprises. The story I am currently working on was not as plotted out as I would typically like. My past projects had nearly every scene planned out. I guess I’m having a bit of an experiment in how I write best. But I’ve learned that I am enjoying the process so much more because I don’t know what is coming next. I only learn as the story unfolds. I hope that if this is a novel that is in God’s plans for me to publish, that the same will be true for readers, that they will enjoy the journey and be surprised with some of the moments.

How is your writing projects coming along? Are you making any goals?

Feel free to share in the comment section. I love to hear from my readers!


3 thoughts on “Writing on Wednesday (October 22)

  1. I’m so proud of you! You’ve had a great week!
    And you’re right. Writing is lonely work. It’s great to have others to talk shop with now. I wouldn’t want to go back to the lonely days of writing either! 🙂


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