Review: The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren

I’ve never been all that interested in starting a diet. While I definitely have some weight to lose and get more winded on a flight of stairs then I should, I just never thought many of the fad diets would be all that beneficial. Do they work? Yes, sometimes, but I often see people lose weight on them and then once happy with where they are at, they stop and gain some, all, or more of that weight right back.

Living healthier is a change in mindset, change in eating habits, and a change in exercise habits. It isn’t a short-term thing–it’s a change that needs to stay in place for your life. The Daniel Plan has been interesting to me because it takes an approach that forces a person to look at the changes they need to make to their lifestyle rather than a temporary fix.

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**I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review**

Revolutionize Your Health … Once and for All During an afternoon of baptizing over 800 people, Pastor Rick Warren realized it was time for change. He told his congregation he needed to lose weight and asked if anyone wanted to join him. He thought maybe 200 people would sign up, instead he witnessed a movement unfold as 15,000 people lost over 260,000 pounds in the first year. With assistance from medical and fitness experts, Pastor Rick and thousands of people began a journey to transform their lives. Welcome to The Daniel Plan. Here’s the secret sauce: The Daniel Plan is designed to be done in a supportive community relying on God’s instruction for living. When it comes to getting healthy, two are always better than one. Our research has revealed that people getting healthy together lose twice as much weight as those who do it alone. God never meant for you to go through life alone and that includes the journey to health. Unlike the thousands of other books on the market, this book is not about a new diet, guilt-driven gym sessions, or shame-driven fasts. The Daniel Plan shows you how the powerful combination of faith, fitness, food, focus, and friends will change your health forever, transforming you in the most head-turning way imaginably—from the inside out.

The Daniel Plan says that in 40 days, you can lead a healthier life. I’m not reviewing this book after having done that. I’m reviewing it based on the information I see it providing me with. The plan has 5 areas that it categorizes the book into: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, Friends. There are also introductory chapters and three chapters at the end that are more practical. I’m going to tackle my thoughts on each of the five main sections for this review.

In the Faith section, there is a big focus on how our relationship with God can affect our ability to change our habits. There is a strong focus on spending time in the Word and meditating on scriptures as well as actively praying. Rick Warren discusses how these steps can help us overcome bad habits with God’s help all while also improving our own relationship with God.

The Food section is huge in this book and filled with a lot of wonderful information. This section discusses portion control, has quick info about foods we should be eating more of, how to eat less sugar, as well as what different foods do for us and how to have a well-balanced diet. There is also information about where cravings come from and how to deal with them. What I found most helpful in this section though is the chapter about harmful foods. This chapter talks about reading the ingredient labels on food and identifying the ingredients that are most harmful to our bodies. But rather that just listing them out, Rick Warren explains why they are bad.There are also notes on how to eat healthier on a budget or making over your kitchen and pantry to make things healthier.

Motivation is a strong point in the Fitness section. Rick Warren provides strategies for encouraging you to exercise. Even better are the suggestions for combining prayer and worship with simple stretches and exercises. There are also suggestions to implement these activities into your week–things like setting a reminder on your phone or actually scheduling them into your week.

Focus is a section that deals with how to handle stress, eliminating negative thought patterns, attitudes and more. The point of this section is to get our mind in a healthier place and to improve our relationship with God.

The final section is based around Friends. The idea that community will both encourage you and challenge you while holding you accountable.

As I mentioned earlier, after the 5 main sections, the chapters become quite practical. There is a suggested exercise plan, a meal plan, checklists to determine your health, a method to detox your body, shopping lists and recipes.

This book is a wonderful tool. I love the ways in which faith interacts with all the other choices of our lives to become healthier. Many concepts of the book are also backed up with Scripture.

For me personally, I don’t plan to tackle all of these things in the suggested 40 days, but I will probably work on slowly incorporating other ideas from the book into everyday life. Some things will be a bit more difficult than others. It is a book that will probably remain a wonderful “go-to” tool for me to help myself and my family live healthier lives.

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