A Few of my 2014 Favorites (Part II)

There are so many aspects that make a good book so wonderful. Sometimes it’s a character, other times it is some well-written scenes, or maybe it’s the theme of the book. Yesterday, I shared my favorites based on genre, but today, I want to share some of my favorite parts of the books I read this year.

All of the links will take you to my review for that book.

Favorite Hero:

Samuel from Lyn Cote’s novel, Honor, stands out to me as my favorite hero in the books I read this year. He is such a fascinating character. Samuel is so good and caring, despite his deafness and people’s reactions to him in a time when he would normally be considered an outcast. He quickly gives up his own desires if it is to benefit someone he cares about. While he does still have his flaws, his good qualities completely shadow those flaws.

Favorite Heroine:

A woman on the search for a man who quotes both Jesus and Shakespeare is a woman I can relate to. Bianca from Brandy Vallance’s novel, The Covered Deep, is my choice of a favorite heroine. Bianca finds herself as part of a wealthy man’s experiment when she wins a trip to journey to the Holy Lands. But her passions drive her to search for her soulmate. She was a wonderfully likeable character and a unique heroine as well.

Favorite Scene:

I can’t go into too many details about my favorite scene. Basically because it is the final scene(s) of Dear Mr. Knightley. Those scenes show the perfect resolution to the story. It was probably one of the more satisfying conclusions that I read this year. Endings tend to be my favorite of books, bittersweet though they are, and this one was one of my favorites.

Heartbreaking Book:

Without a doubt, I Shall Be Near to You broke my heart to read. And it still does. Even just the other day I was talking about this novel to someone and I started to tear up. There was just something about the writing and story. This is a novel that has burrowed itself into my heart and will probably have an affect on me for some time yet. (This is not a Christian novel and there is some content that some readers may not appreciate, please see my review for more details)

Funniest Book:

Janice Thompson was a new to me author this year. Her book, Bouquet of Love, was a wonderfully lighthearted story laced with Judy Garland references. And I loved every page! I couldn’t help but smile at certain moments and even laugh at other times.

Favorite Theme:

“Let the past stay in the past.” This is a thought that pops up a number of times in Jody Hedlund’s newest novel, Love Unexpected. It’s also something that so many of us need to remember to do, both for each other and even on our own. There are some things that have happened, and we can’t do much about them now except to learn from them and move on. In this novel, it is a matter of characters choosing to decide whether to let the past define who they are.

Favorite Book Cover:

Without a doubt, The Butterfly and the Violin has one of the most stunning covers that I saw this year. There are so many pieces of the novel captured on the cover in beautiful artistry. But even beyond that, the aesthetics of it captures the hope blended with troubles that is present within the pages.

Favorite Kiss:

The romance that forms between Darius and Nicole in Full Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer was fun to watch unfold. While the two never really disagreed, they each were so focused on their own goals to not notice each other. But once they started to notice, there were quite a few wonderful moments between the two of them, including a scene where they kiss behind a tree.

Favorite Couple:

In all the books I read this year, it is hard to beat the memorable chemistry, or lack of, between Kate and Trevor in Elizabeth Camden’s With Every Breath. The sparks between them stem from each of their competitive natures, and when their biggest competition is each other, well, something had to catch fire. The relationship that forms between them was such fun to watch form, making them one of my favorite fictional couples.

And a few of your favorites from my blog…

This year, I started blogging book reviews in May. Since then, I have posted reviews for 130 novels/novellas. Among those reviews, the following have received the most attention on my blog:

I’ve also started writing a bit more about writing. Before I started my weekly Writing on Wednesday posts, I wrote a post based on a line from Stephen King’s book, On Writing. That post, titled “Here’s Your Permission,” is the most popular writing post on my site.

At this point in time, I also have gained a large number of followers for this blog, and I want to thank all of you for a wonderful year. you all have been an encouragement to me in my writing journey and it has been fun getting to know some of you as we talk about books.

I hope you have a wonderful New Years!



2 thoughts on “A Few of my 2014 Favorites (Part II)

  1. Another great list of future reads for me 🙂 And I remember the “Here’s Your Permission” post. If I remember correctly, it is when we became friends. 🙂


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