Tatiana by Madeline Brock

I can’t help but think back on some of my favorite stories when I was growing up. Among them were Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie (although the tv show was my preference), and Little Women. With main characters who all had a love of all things literary, it’s no wonder that I loved those stories. They were the heroines I feel that I grew up beside.

While reading Tatiana, I couldn’t help but feel the pull that those stories have on me. There is something about those stories that just settle in my heart, so if a novel that I’m reading reminds me of those, I’m bound to enjoy that one as well.

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Tatiana Bergman views life through a different lens than most and says and does what she likes without regard for hurt feelings along the way. Living in rural Pennsylvania in the 1840s, her passionate, impulsive behavior confounds her sisters and appalls her peers.

Life only gets more complicated when Tatiana befriends Jonny Creek, a mischievous young man whose Native American blood puts him on the fringes of society. She struggles to subdue her wild spirit and keep her heart pure while wrestling with conceited school mates and her own selfish nature.

A few years later as a mature and confident young woman, Tatiana finds herself in a battle of her will between two young men, and the God she serves.

“Some things are so important, you could spend years waiting for them, and it would still be worth it.”

-Jonny Creek, Tatiana

Characters: Tatiana was quite a character! She was spunky and strived to be good. She told it how it was and tried to make all things right. Her relationships with the people around her were varied, but for the most part, I think people couldn’t help but like her, and that went for me as well.

Storyline: This story took place over a few years. The novel starts out when Tatiana is ten and ends when she is eighteen or nineteen. Throughout the story, we see Tatiana learn to live her faith, gain and lose friends, take on more responsibilities, and struggle with matters of the heart.

My Thoughts:  Overall, I found this to be a fun novel to read. Tatiana’s character definitely adds a certain level of exuberance to the story. There is a certain level of depth in the way that Tatiana strives to live out her faith and practice things like forgiveness. She is a bold person and her faith is just as bold. There were times I found the novel to be a bit slow and a few other moments that I wish the story went into a bit more depth rather than just summarizing some time. But as a debut novel and as a start of a series, I think this was a wonderful novel from Madeline Brock. I will be looking forward to the next story in this series because I’m sure it will only get better from here.

Tatiana will be released Feb. 25, 2015 but is currently available to pre-order.

About the Author:

Born and raised in northwest Ohio, Madeline Brock is the oldest of five children. She grew up running around barefoot, chasing down barn cats, and making up adventures for her younger siblings. For Madeline, writing stories grew naturally out of an early love of reading. The precocious author finished writing her first chapter book when she was nine and has been writing ever since.

After graduating from high school, she moved to a Native American reservation in New Mexico where she currently works with the Navajo people. She is passionate about mission work, her family, and the Lord.


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