Writing on Wednesday (February 17, 2015)

Writing on Wednesday Badge

Writing on Wednesday is a way to keep this particular writer on track (I hope!). These are weekly posts/updates where I will share something from the past week of writing with the readers of this blog. Sometimes it might be something I’ve learned, found useful, or a bit of my own writing and ideas. I hope this will be a time of sharing, encouragement, and accountability. Join me in setting some writing goals to finish that project and celebrate each success.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Things are going a bit crazy around here. I have a number of things on my plate and some things are needing to get put on the backburner. While I’m slowly still working on my own writing project, it is getting pushed a bit lower on the priority list for the next month or so. I have some projects that I really want to accomplish this year, and this next month is a great time for me to make some major headway on them.

So, in lieu of the typical Writing on Wednesday posts (since I won’t have much to update on with my own writing) I am planning to share writing resources starting next week and throughout March. I would love to have some feedback from all of you writers who stop by and visit my blog.

  • What books do you have on your writing bookshelf? What are your favorites? Are there books you have looked at and didn’t like? What do you look for in a writing book?
  • What websites do you have bookmarked related to writing?
  • Do you have any other writing resources you regularly use?
  • What are some of your favorite quotes concerning writing?

Please share any and all of your thoughts in the comment section (and if you think of something not directly related to the questions above, share that as well!).


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