Do you like free books?

Who doesn’t like to get a free book every now and again? One reason I began to start reviewing books was because of all the opportunities to get them free.

Tyndale Publishers has a program that anyone can join and anyone can get free books. It’s a reward program and you don’t necessarily have to buy anything to earn points. There are a number of ways to grow your point balance:

  • Get your friends to join
  • Take surveys
  • Sign up for a newsletter (they are devotionals or talk about books)
  • Get extra points just because it is your birthday!
  • Review Tyndale products on sites like Amazon (you don’t have to purchase them–they can be books you borrowed from a library, even!)

I opened up my account yesterday, and easily racked up enough points to select a free book (print book). There are a variety of titles to choose from:

  • The fiction books run from 65-75 points
  • Nonfiction are 45-100 points
  • Bibles are 125-250 points
  • Parenting books are 45-75 points
  • Books for children are 30-100 points

Normally, you don’t get any points for signing up, but if you use the following link you’ll automatically start out at 25 points (that’s practically halfway to a book–depending on the one you want most books are 50-100 points) and you’ll be sending an additional 10 points my way.


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