April Wrap-Up


April Wrap-Up

April has turned out to be a surprisingly busy month. While I still managed to get all of the reading in that I planned to, the writing side of things was not as productive as I might have initially hoped. Either, way, I still read (for the most part) some wonderful books.

What I Have Read: Clicking on the following links will take you to my reviews.

When I start making decisions about what to read in April, I probably could have guessed that Kristy Cambron’s sophomore novel would be in my favorites. Like The Butterfly and the Violin, A Sparrow in Terezin is beautifully written and shows hope in some of the most tragic times in history. I adored this story and easily found myself absorbed in the lives of the two main characters.
It is a wonderful thing to discover new-to-me authors who I adore. That happened this month when I read both a novella and novel by Melissa Tagg. Her stories, Three Little Words and From the Start were both such wonderful reads filled with a touch of humor and the kind of small romantic gestures that keeps me reading these types of stories.

Every Bride Needs a Groom was a completely unexpected book… perhaps both for me as the reader, but also for the heroine in the book. I loved the premise of this story, and Thompson wrote it beautifully with the same pizzazz that she normally writes with. One of my favorite parts had to be all the Loretta Lynn references within the pages and chapter titles.

What I Am Looking Forward To:

I’ve already been getting some of my May novels in the mail and loaded on my kindle, and as usual, there are a handful that I am really looking forward to.

One book that I have really been looking forward to has been Tamera Alexander’s latest novel, To Win Her Favor. Her first Belle Mead Plantation novel was a wonderful story, and I can’t wait to see where this story goes as well as how it incorporates the thoroughbreds that Belle Mead is so well known for.

One of the first novels I read with intentions of reviewing on this blog, was Katie Ganshert’s A Broken Kind of Beautiful. The novel was so beautiful and one that has always stood out to me. I have been so excited to get this book in the mail, and it arrived just a couple of days ago. I’ll be picking this one up soon, I hope.

Finally, a Yankee in Atlanta by Jocelyn Green is also on my to-read list this month. Her previous Civil War novels have been so rich in their historical detail and compelling characters. I can’t wait to see what this novel will hold.

Feel free to check out my GoodReads site, I frequently keep it updated with the books that I am going to be reviewing. You can also follow me on Twitter– I will be regularly send out tweets for new Blog Reviews and the occasional giveaway either on my blog or on another blog.

What I Wrote:

I had a couple of goals for April:

1) Get my outline for Second Chances close to completion; and

2) Add 10,000 words to my manuscript.

The first goal has pretty much been met. I would still like to see about 15 more scenes added to the overall outline, but I’m quite pleased with the progress that was made on it. The second however did not even come close to being met. I added about 4,000 words overall. While it’s still more than I started the month with, I had hoped for more. I’ll be spending some time making some decisions on what I want my goals to look like for May, so be sure to come back on Wednesday, May 6 to the next Writing on Wednesday post and I’ll share what I hope to accomplish.


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