Writing on Wednesday (May 6, 2015)

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Writing on Wednesday is a way to keep this particular writer on track (I hope!). These are weekly posts/updates where I will share something from the past week of writing with the readers of this blog. Sometimes it might be something I’ve learned, found useful, or a bit of my own writing and ideas. I hope this will be a time of sharing, encouragement, and accountability. Join me in setting some writing goals to finish that project and celebrate each success.

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My husband and I have recently started using a calendar app. So far, I’ve noticed that the month of May is going to be crazy busy! But it’s good. Knowing what my schedule will be looking like can help me figure out reasonable goals for myself. In April, I completed the majority of my outline. I didn’t get my word count to move much, but having that outline “done” is huge. Granted, I’m sure there will be some more scenes added in (in fact I hope there will be). But, it gives me direction when I sit down to write.

My Writing Goals for the Month of May:

By the end of the month, I would like to:

  • Add 10,000 words to my manuscript

It’s not a very large goal, but I need to get back into the habit of daily writing, and sometimes that is a hard habit to get into–especially when there are a lot of other things going on causing distractions.

Writing Reflections:

Finding relevant-to-me articles on writing seems to be happening quite a bit lately. In fact, I am getting a small stockpile of them in my e-mail that I am saving to share on my blog. Recently, this one came across. The topic of it is something that I know I struggle with in a variety of ways. I also found encourgament in knowing that I am not alone in my own struggles with this particular thing. So, here is an article about perseverences and writing.

What are your writing goals for the month?


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