Writing on Wednesday (August 12, 2015)

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Writing on Wednesday is a way to keep this particular writer on track (I hope!). These are weekly posts/updates where I will share something from the past week of writing with the readers of this blog. Sometimes it might be something I’ve learned, found useful, or a bit of my own writing and ideas. I hope this will be a time of sharing, encouragement, and accountability. Join me in setting some writing goals to finish that project and celebrate each success.

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It has been a wonderful week. I’ve also concluded that August is a wonderful time to start new projects. I personally, enjoy buying a new binder and notebook when I start something new, and quite frankly, I also enjoy that all of those wonderful things are on sale. And beyond that, I’m excited to share a writing update with you all today.

My Writing Goals for the Month of August:

I finally have a bit of direction for my writing goals this month. But, before I lay them out, I should explain something. I’ve decided to start working on two projects. One is a historical fiction novel and the other is contemporary. The historical fiction novel is my primary focus. My goals will pertain to that one, though I may set some goals for the contemporary one in the future.

Currently, the historical novel is pretty well plotted out. However, the outline is not complete and still needs to be fleshed out some more. The first act is pretty well planned out and key events for the second and third act are in place. The contemporary novel is still getting sorted out.

This month I would like to:

  • Write 500 words a day on the historical novel. (Total of 9,000 words).
  • Continue to develop the outline for the historical novel.
  • Come up with a title.

Writing Help:

I would like to ask for a bit of help from everyone who stops by my blog. I’m still working out the big picture ideas for the contemporary novel. The gist of it is that a guy and gal make a pact in highschool that if they aren’t married by 28, they will marry each other. Fast forward about 10 years, and neither have been married. They both even forgot about the pact, and aren’t really even in touch anymore, but one of them finds a reminder of the pact in a yearbook, and decides that marrying their high school friend might help resolve an issue or two.

Here’s where I need a bit of brainstorming help:

What reasons would either of them have for wanting to follow through on this high school promise?

What are your writing goals for the month?


2 thoughts on “Writing on Wednesday (August 12, 2015)

  1. All their friends are married with children; wanting to provide their parents with grand kids before it’s too late; their ex has recently got married; stuck in a job they don’t enjoy and see it as a chance of escape; younger siblings are settled down and they feel jealous; they find out if they want to have children they have to do it soon; loneliness… There’s loads of reasons!

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