Seaside Gifts by Gayle Roper

I love the unexpected. Those simple moments every day can bring such joy and enliven a dreary day. Often, my husband and I decide to just have an unplanned day and go where we feel like and do what sounds good. Sometimes, something unexpected comes in the mail and it’s a wonderful little gift. This novel was an unexpected wonderful read for me.

**I received a copy of this book from Redbud Press in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

From award-winning author Gayle Roper comes a new contemporary romance in the beloved town of Seaside…

Nan Patterson has finally found her niche: operating a boardwalk gift shop in the quaint beachfront town of Seaside. Everything is perfect–until valuable items start just…showing up. At worst, they’ve been stolen and abandoned in her shop. At best, someone doesn’t realize they’ve lost them. Either way, Nan knows she’s out of her depth. Time to call in the local police.

Officer Rog Eastman has bigger worries than a bunch of misplaced treasures—but it is his job to help local shop owners. The fact that she’s adorable doesn’t even come into the equation. Especially since he’s sworn off women for the foreseeable future.

But there’s an imp at work in the background. Someone who knows exactly what these two people need: each other!

“Knowing it’ll turn out right isn’t the point of a grace-gift. The point is the giving itself–in spite of the fact that the gift isn’t deserved.”

-Nan Patterson, Seaside Gifts


First of all, if you are looking for the perfect beach read this summer, this novel could be it. Most of the story takes place along a boardwalk in New Jersey and it certainly had me wishing that I would have waited to read this until I was on the beach. I settled for our sunny deck instead.

The characters in this book are so sweet, and range from optimistic, to the generous, the realistic, and the romantic. Nan and Rog are an interesting pairing, both in their personalities and their relationship to one another. The rest of the cast just adds a lot of personality.

I also appreciated the simple theme of gifts of grace that was sprinkled throughout the story. Everything from physical gifts to acts of kindness all came back to the idea of grace. It was a wonderful message and played out beautifully in the story.

As for the story, I found this novel to be sweetly simple. I loved that I could immerse myself into the story so easily whenever I would pick it back up after a distraction. It was easy to escape into the boardwalk and surround myself with these fabulous characters. I highly reccommend this book to anyone looking for that great beach read this year.

Seaside Gifts will be released August 18, 2015!

About the Author:
Gayle Roper is the award-winning author of more than 40 books and has been a Christy finalist three times. She lives with her husband in southeastern Pennsylvania where she enjoys reading, gardening, and her family.


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