Love’s a Stage

Grad student and future marriage counselor Aly Brewster had a perfect childhood with perfect parents. Now she’s heading into her own perfect life: Finish her Master’s. Build a successful practice. Husband at twenty-six. But when her parents blindside her with the news they’re getting divorced, her perfect world shatters.

Actor Nick Armstrong has been in love with Aly since they met during freshman year. He’s happy to accept his assigned place in her Friend Zone because it lets him be close to her. But it’s been over five years—time to move on. Then the usually-unflappable Aly comes to him begging for help to save her parents’ marriage. Nick has the perfect plan: fake an engagement to each other to inspire her parents to fight to save their marriage. And who knows? It might trigger Aly’s feelings for him. But when Aly takes the ruse to the next level—planning a wedding in her parents’ backyard and hiring additional actors to play his family—enough is enough!

As the lines between acting and reality grow decidedly blurred, these two improvised fiancés must decide: are they going to finish the play…or exit stage right. Alone.

**I received a copy of this book from Redbud Press in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Sometimes there are books that have a synopsis that so intrigues you, you just have to pick it up.

This was one of those books for me. I loved this idea of a grad student who has this ideal of love and marriage based so strongly on the example her parents have set for her. Her passion in life is to help people save their marriages. So, when her parents announce their own divorce, she has to get creative to help them work it out.

I loved the plot and I enjoyed the two main characters, Aly and Nick. They were so opposite of one another and both so caring. It would be hard to not like them. But beyond those two aspects, this book felt a little flat to me. For one thing, Aly seemed to be the only student in the book that was going into some sort of counseling program. Every other character (Nick included) were involved with the theatre or film. Whenever Aly was on campus, she always felt a bit out of place to me.

My other problem with this book was how fast the buildup was to big moments and how quickly they then happened. The tension in the story was lacking and I often felt I was left wondering, “What just happened?” It was frustrating, because I was enjoying the overall story and it just made it hard to savor.

I found this to be a fun story, but a bit on the superficial side. It was a fast read and a very interesting idea for a storyline. I just wish the characters had a bit more depth to them and the pacing was better executed.

“By all accounts, this setting in which Aly now stood seemed to indicate a happily ever after. The furnishings alone, she thought, were enough to scream ‘happy and showing it!’ She always believed, though she couldn’t scientifically prove it, that a well-ordered living room and snappy, coordinated decor were good indication that there was a solid relationship living and dwelling in its quarters.”

-Love’s A Stage

Love’s a Stage will be available September 22, 2015

To learn more about the book, click here to view it on Amazon



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