Fire & Ice

Saddle Up for a Wildly Fun Ride in Mary Connealy’s Latest

Bailey Wilde is one of the best new ranchers in the West. She’s been living disguised as a man for a while, but when Gage Coulter comes to drive her off her homestead, he quickly realizes he’s dealing with a woman–a very tough, very intriguing woman at that.

Gage is an honest man, but he didn’t make his fortune being weak. He won’t break the law, but he’ll push as hard as he can within it. Five thousand acres of his best range land is lost to him because Bailey’s homestead is located right across the only suitable entrance to a canyon full of lush grass. Gage has to regain access to his land–and he’s got to go through Bailey to do it.

Spending a winter alone has a way of making a person crave some human contact. In a moment of weakness, Bailey agrees to a wild plan Gage concocts. Can these two independent, life-toughened homesteaders loosen up enough to earn each other’s respect–and maybe find love in the process?

**I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

I found this book to be refreshing. It was overall quite lighthearted but tucked within comical moments or witty remarks were a handful of truths about being who we are, forgiveness, and love. 

I love a novel that moves in a direction that I never expected. And the secret that Bailey Wilde carries is certainly quite different from what I anticipated it being. I thought I had this book figured out. I knew the secret that kept Bailey away from men and made her want to stay in isolation, but the truth of the matter was something that I never suspected. I was blown away at that moment.

But beyond that big surprise (at least for me) I really enjoyed this novel. It was a fast read that finished off the stories of the three Wilde sisters. I loved seeing where Bailey’s two younger sisters went with the rest of their lives, and then finally learning about the oldest sister.

Fire & Ice was a wonderful conclusion to the Wild at Heart series. It may just have been my favorite of the series. If you have not read the other two books, I would highly reccommend reading them in order as there are certainly a few spoilers, but otherwise, each book does primarily focus on one of the three sisters.

“That’s not God refusing to forgive you…It’s you refusing to forgive yourself. God’s done His part; now you have to do yours.”

-Gage Coulter, Fire & Ice

About the Author:

Mary Connealy is an awardwinning, bestselling author known for her fun and lively historical romantic comedies. An author, teacher, and journalist, Mary lives on an eastern Nebraska ranch with her husband and enjoys spending time with her four daughters and two grandchildren.


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