December Wrap-Up

December Wrap-UpI hope that you had an absolutely wonderful and blessed Christmas this year! It was wonderful here to get together with family and enjoy games, wonderful food, and conversation.

Since it is the end of the year, my blogging schedule will be a bit different–and you may have noticed that this wrap-up post is popping up a bit earlier. This week, I have a post planned for each day:

  • Tuesday: Looking back over all of the books I read this year, I selected a handful of my favorites.
  • Wednesday: This is a continuation of the previous day’s post, but it’s a bit more of a different spin. I’ll be looking at some of my favorite characters, moments, themes, etc. I’ll also be highlighting some of the things that happened on my blog over this past year.
  • Thursday: Researching for a post of new novels coming out in the next year is something I really look forward to, and that will show up on New Year’s Eve.

And now, for some time to focus on what I read during this incredibly busy month:

What I Have Read: Clicking on the following links will take you to my reviews.

  • Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl
  • In the Shadow of Thy Wings by A.M. Heath
  • Made to Last by Melissa Tagg
  • Without a Trace by Colleen Coble
  • Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky
  • The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen

Julie Klassen can always be depended on when it comes to well-written and historically rich novels. The Painter’s Daughter was such a beautiful story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a pleasure to get to read the second installment in A.M. Heath’s Ancient Words Series, In the Shadow of Thy Wings. This novel captures so many aspects of the Civil War, and I even learned a thing or two while reading it.

Melissa Tagg is becoming a favorite author in the contemporary genre for me. Her novel Made to Last, was such a fun read. I loved the concept of the story and it certainly held my interest from the first page to the last.


Feel free to check out my GoodReads site, I frequently keep it updated with the books that I am going to be reviewing. You can also follow me on Twitter– I will be regularly send out tweets for new Blog Reviews and the occasional giveaway either on my blog or on another blog.

What I Wrote:

December was a month off of writing for me. Some projects called my attention away and with hosting a Christmas party at our home and just the busy-ness of the season, writing needed to go on a short hiatus. However, I’ve been thinking through plotlines and I have a couple new story ideas that I’m excited to try to flesh out. January is a start of a new year, and will be the start or more regular writing time as well. The Writing on Wednesday posts will be returning January 6 with a bit more of what I have planned for the year where my writing journey is concened.


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