2015 in Review Part II

There are so many aspects that make a good book so wonderful. Sometimes it’s a character, other times it is some well-written scenes, or maybe it’s the theme of the book. Yesterday, I shared my favorites based on genre, but today, I want to share some of my favorite parts of the books I read this year.

All of the links will take you to my review for that book.

TitleFavorite Title: Love Arrives in Pieces

There is just something about this title that captures my interest and my heart. Perhaps part of it is how well it captured a handful of elements in the novel and another part is the truth in it. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but rather that love is actions. It’s one action of love after another and this title captures that.

Book CoverFavorite Book Cover: Among the Fair Magnolias

I loved this cover. Even before I knew what it was I wanted to read it. There is something very Cinderella-like in the cover. The book promises enchantment and history wrapped up in one neat little story, or rather stories in this case. While it wasn’t high on my list content-wise, I still can’t get over the cover.

Character MaleFavorite Hero: Ryan McKinley from Married ’til Monday

When it comes to stories, I love it when there is a hero that just won’t give up. Ryan McKinley fits that mold perfectly. Not only won’t he give up, but he’s fighting odds that seem stacked against him from the very beginning. But he’s a well-developed character one that I enjoyed getting to know.

Character FemaleFavorite Heroine: Brook Eden from The Lost Heiress

Brook Eden was a fascinating character. Her story has so many twists and turns, but she’s a girl who loves adventure and knows what she wants. She was the perfect heroine for this story and she truly made The Lost Heiress a fabulous novel.

SceneFavorite Scene: The Squirrel Scene from The Seakeeper’s Daughter

Most people can relate to having an episode with an animal that shouldn’t be somewhere, but it is. That’s the essence of this scene. It’s both charming and hilarious, while also quite relatable. It is a scene that stands out strongly in all of the stories that I have read this year, and I’m sure that if you picked up a copy of this book, you can recall the scene I’m talking about.

HeartbreakingHeartbreaking Story: This Quiet Sky

Few stories make me cry. This Quiet Sky did. It was a heartbreakingly beautiful story with an essence of hope. I loved it and I have every intention of reading it again some day. So, if you are looking for a story that is poignant and one that will seep into your heart and possibly give you a tear or two, this is a book worth reading.

FunnyFunniest Story: The Cactus Creek Challenge

Oh boy… a sherriff and a school teacher switch roles. What could go wrong? Just the idea of this plot sets up a novel filled with such funny moments. This book definitely gave me a few laughs and I enjoyed every page. It has a humor with it’s well-written plot. It’s certainly worth a read.

ThemeFavorite Theme: Love Arrives in Pieces

I was a bit caught off guard by this story– and in a good way. It was a story that offered a message that I needed to hear at the time, and one that many need to hear frequently. It offers up a theme about worth and how valued we actually are. Both to those who love us, but also because Christ values us.

QuoteFavorite Quote: Whispers in the Reading Room

β€œWe can’t expect only happiness here on earth. One must experience a bit of dirt and grime. Builds character, you see.” – Sebastian Marks

I truly loved this quote. Perhaps because it is something that I find true and something that I try to keep in mind when things are difficult. Without those rough spells, we really would never understand what true joy was. It’s a quote worth remembering.

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Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog. I hope you enjoy what you read and it helps you find some fantastic books.

I hope you have a wonderful New Years!



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