The Pug List

26263499How do you recover when your life as you know it is burned down to the ground? That’s exactly what happened to Alison Hodgson and her family, when an arsonist singlehandedly turned their home into a crime scene overnight. The Pug List is a story of a family who lost everything but each other, a ridiculous orphan pug, and the unexpected ways we all find our way home as guided by God’s unconventional grace.

**I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

5 Star


It’s always an interesting experience to hear a writer speak and then to read their words. That is my experience with Alison Hodgson. Last October, I heard her tell snippets of her story– parts of the same story that is told in The Pug List. Her ability to inject hope and humor in what would otherwise be a very difficult tale struck me and stayed with me. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to let the chance to review her book pass me by.

The Pug List is a phenomanal book. While it is nonfiction, there is certainly enough story and drama to make a fiction lover satisfied (that’s me, a fiction lover). There is a story being told in the pages, and it’s one about dealing with life and everything that’s handed to you. Allison injects wisdom in the episodes of the book even if there is a bit of sarcasm alongside of it. But the takeaways are profound and impactful.

The Pug List is a book that I would highly reccommend to anyone and everyone. I busted out laughing a few times and can’t wait to tell people about this book. It’s only 200 pages, and Allison’s style reads so smoothly. It’s a fast read. And I bet a fun one to read in public–perhaps even a great conversation with the adorable pug on the cover.

About the Author:

headshot-squareAlison Hodgson is a writer, speaker and humorist whose life experiences have made her an involuntary expert on the etiquette of perilous times. She is a Moth StorySLAM champion and a contributor to the design website Her writing has been featured on, Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog and Religion News Service. She is a co-founder of Breathe Christian Writers Conference and a member of Ink: A Creative Collective. Alison lives outside Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, their three children and two good dogs. Her first book The Pug List is being published by Zondervan in April 2016.


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