The Coloring Notebook

Amazing inside

For anyone who loves creativity art, or who simply loves the joy of coloring, comes the ColoringNotebook.
We have created a unique product combining coloring book for adults and a classy paper notebook.

Over 50 original coloring pages for adults from the best graphic artists will help you relax and relieve stress. Discover the whimsical illustrations of graceful animals, birds, flowers and other creatures, along with cool geometric, mandala-like, abstract and other types of patterns.

Beauty outside

Each ColoringNotebook is individually crafted from the most beautiful materials: Japanese paper to create hardcover with rounded corners; handmade headband detailing adorns on the top and bottom of the spine adding a hint of contrast. Each book is professionally hand sewn and packaged.

It’s an incredibly useful, functional and beautiful product.
It allows you to have fun coloring wherever you are.

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**


4 Stars


I love opening a new product and immediately being pleased with the quality. As soon as I opened the package my Coloring Notebook arrived in, my first thought was how perfect this would be for traveling or to take along somewhere. The book is around 5 inches wide and 8 inches tall– perfect for me to throw in my purse or something. It has a nice elastic strap that holds the cover (it’s hardcover by the way) closed as well as a yellow ribbon bookmark.

Inside, is a combination of ruled paper (the website also looks like they have dotted page options as well blank pages) and pictures to color. And the coloring pictures are very assorted– everything from scenes, to patterns, to mandalas. There’s cats and cupcakes, racoons and feathers, waves and pencils. Personally, I love the blend of pictures and the idea of having lined pages. Often, I enjoy coloring as a way to clear my mind and focus my thoughts. It gives a handy place to jot down any creative notes I might want to make.

So, why only four stars? The pages appeared to be on the thinner side, and they definitely are. I tried coloring on a page first with Sharpies and they bled through not only to the backside, but through the next page as well (although I intentionally selected a page for a test run). I also tried out some Fine Line Crayola washable markers and those did not bleed through at all. So, this is a book that if you plan to use ink in, you’ll want to be certain to find an area that you don’t mind possibly ruining in order to test. I also wrote with a ball point pen, and because the pages are thinner, you do get some raised marks on the backside and I could see hints of the dark blue ink that I used to write in on the opposite side.

But overall, I’m impressed with this little book and I can see this making a wonderful gift for someone. It would also be perfect for someone who is looking for a great option to take with them “on the go”.

Learn more about The coloring Notebook at

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