Be Bold

Be Bold offers an outlet to simultaneously focus on God’s Word and express creativity. Using scripture as the foundation for her designs, Ellen Elliot takes readers through a series of inspiring verses reinforced with short devotional writings. Topics include joy, hope, self-image, peace, and more. Each coloring page and corresponding devotional will help the reader develop a closer relationship with the Heavenly Father.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**


4 Stars


Right away when I got this book, I couldn’t help but flip through and look at the coloring pages. They were everything I hoped for– Full of patterns with words over the top… end everything just waiting to be colored in.

About the coloring pages: The pages in this book feel pretty decently thick. I was optimistic that markers wouldn’t bleed through. Now, I’m not a coloring book expert so I don’t have fancy markers. My preferred markers are Sharpies or Crayola. Maybe I’m too cheap to buy awesome ones. Anyways, the Sharpies bled through. So I don’t recommend those or anything similar. The Crayolas did not. They were fine. Not even a trace of the color came through the page. So, if you decide to use markers in this book, you might want to test them somewhere in it to check out the bleeding situation.

Now, the devotionals: The devotionals in this book are quite brief. They take 5 minutes or less to read. So if you are looking for something quick, this is it. Each one has a verse that goes along with it. What I wasn’t sure of with this book, was the target age. I think this is a book that all ages would enjoy. Some of the devotionals are bit quirky, but that makes it appealing to so many.

The downsides to this book are few. I wish the pages were thick enough that I could use whatever coloring medium on them I’d like. But with things printed on both sides, it just isn’t meant to be. I also wish that the devotionals were a bit meatier than they are. But that’s more of a preference than anything.

So here is what I really liked about it. I’m a sucker for coloring books with patterns. This fills that need. But I love that as I color, I can focus on a verse or thought. It’s a way to meditate on God’s word and that’s always good. I also enjoy that this could appeal to so many ages. It makes it a wonderful gift idea for someone.

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