A Trail of Crumbs

24105713Pearl Spence has been through more in her young life than most folks could handle. But through it all, her family has been by her side. They may not be perfect, but they love her and they all love each other, come what may. That’s one thing Pearl no longer questions.

But then a devastating tragedy throws the whole family into a tailspin–and signals the beginning of the end of her secure life.

Now the Spences are fleeing their Oklahoma wasteland for an unknown life in Depression-era Michigan. Pearl isn’t sure she’ll ever see home or happiness again. Will any trail of crumbs be powerful enough to guide her back to the dependable life she once knew?

The strong narrative voice of Finkbeiner’s young protagonist from A Cup of Dust returns in this gritty yet hopeful sequel.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

5 StarTraveling from Oklahoma to Michigan during the depression offers its own challenges. Compound that with family tragedy, growing up, and a whole lot of change and you might get a glimpse of what is inside the book, A Trail of Crumbs.

A Trail of Crumbs continues to the story of Pearl Spence (her story starts in A Cup of Dust). Told through her voice, that of a young girl, readers will see and experience the world through her eyes. Often times, the writing in this book is poetic in how well Finkbeiner captures Pearl’s voice. But the story itself, with Pearl’s naivety, is heartbreaking but yet gripping.

I really enjoyed this book, perhaps even more than the first of the series. Big things happen in A Cup of Dust that Pearl has to learn to live within this sequel. I also felt this book was a bit less predictable and I often found myself reading more than I intended to at a time. If you enjoy historical fiction and elegant prose, I’d highly recommend this novel.

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