Too Deep For Words

24105713Carrie Ann Collier has been a newlywed for nineteen blissful days–as blissful as life can be in the midst of war, that is. Soon that war will take a toll she never expected. When her new husband, Peyton, goes missing during battle, she refuses to believe he is dead and must find a way to move forward with everyday life in the face of fear.

As Carrie struggles with how to welcome her estranged sister, Margaret, back into her life, another new arrival appears on her doorstep–her husband’s best friend, and rebel officer, Eli. Wounded and bitter, Eli is nonetheless committed to keeping his promise to Peyton: take care of the Collier women, no matter what. But to Carrie, he’s a painful reminder of her lost love.

Then unexpected news makes Carrie wonder if miracles do happen. If Carrie infiltrates the enemy once again, she might find out what really happened to the love of her life. Will Eli be able to keep his promise to keep her safe? Can they forgive each other if promises are broken?

As fans of Boeshaar’s books have come to expect, Too Deep for Words is a meticulously researched novel. Readers are taken directly into the heart of the realities of the Civil War and reminded how, even in the darkest circumstances, faith in Christ offers hope.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

5 StarAs a person who loves story, there is one thing I hate: having the ending spoiled. Whether it’s through reading an article about a TV show, movie or reading a review in which the reviewer gives just a tad too much about the story. And with that, you can probably guess I’m a stickler about not looking ahead in a novel. I just don’t do it. When people say they do, I cringe. I can’t help it. So, this book, Too Deep for Words, has the honor of being the first book ever (at least that I can recall, I can speak for when I was much younger) of really looking ahead to see if something happened or not. I just couldn’t take the anticipation and had to settle my curiosity.

Hopefully, that tells you something about this book. I actually could not read it fast enough. The plot is heartfelt and the story so well written that I had to know what would happen before I got there. And the characters in this book are amazing! A perfect blend of fictional and real-life Civil War heroes acting this story out on their stage. At times the book felt like it went by quickly, so much was happening. Other times a bit more slowly—but I think that was me being a reader who just wanted to savor a great book. With that said, I can’t recommend the book highly enough.

At the end, I guess this will be one of those books that I can’t gush enough about, despite struggling at first. If you don’t know, this is the second book of the series. The first has been on my reading list, and I hoped to get to it before this one. That didn’t happen, so I jumped in. This is a direct continuation, so while you could probably do as I did, and start reading this one, I think you’ll regret it. I certainly am. There are plenty of spoilers of the first book in this one and I think I wouldn’t have been more interested in the story to begin with had I started with the first. And, judging by how this book ends, I am pretty confident another book will be on the way. So you have time to read these first two. And they are well worth it.

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