A Love So True

24105713Jagears Delivers a Wonderfully Romantic Read with a Hero and Heroine to Cheer For

Evelyn Wisely has a heart for the orphans of Teaville and works at a local mansion that rescues children out of the town’s red-light district and gives them a place to live. But her desire to help isn’t limited to orphans. The owner of the mansion, Nicholas Lowe, is willing to help her try to get the women working in prostitution out of the district as well–if she can gain the cooperation and support of local businessmen to go against the rest of the community.

David Kingsman has recently arrived in Teaville from Kansas City to help with one of his father’s companies in town. While he plans on staying only long enough to prove his business merit to his father, he’s shown interest in Evelyn’s work and is intrigued enough by her to lend his support to her cause.

They begin with the best of intentions, but soon the complications pile up and Evelyn and David’s dreams look more unattainable every day. When the revelation of a long-held secret creates a seemingly insurmountable rift between them, can they trust God still has a good plan for them despite all that is stacked against them?

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

4 StarsI am really enjoyed Melissa Jagears’s latest series of books, The Teaville Moral Society. And her latest book is no exception to the line of well-written books.
While I am not sure that A Love So True is one of my favorite books by Jagears, it was still a good book. The story continues to tell the tale of individuals who are dedicated to helping women get out of the red-light district. And in some ways, this one stands out. What I really loved about this particular book was the heroine. She had a secret and no one but her knows what it is (not even the reader!). And to be honest, I couldn’t help but try to guess at it while I was reading. Turns out, it’s one of those secrets that I could never guess but it explained everything perfectly. And I loved that.
The one thing that held me back from giving this book 5 stars, however, was that I felt like the start of it was slow and it took me awhile to get acquainted with the characters. Perhaps if I had started this book right after the previous one they may have helped but it is still something that hindered my overall enjoyment of the book.
But, with all of that, I’d still recommend this book. And I would add that it is probably worth reading the books in order. This is the second book of the series, but there is also a novella that goes along with it as well.

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