Quilts, Barns & Buggies Adult Coloring Book

24105713Take a walk through the fields and feel the warm breeze as you color your way through an Amish lifestyle. With intricate patterned quilts, beautiful scenery, and a focus on the simpler things in life, Quilts, Barns & Buggies will encourage you to relax on even the most hectic days. Sprinkled throughout the pages are wise Amish sayings and biblical proverbs that will inspire you.

Special Features
• 90 beautiful coloring designs of Amish quilts and scenery
• More than 40 Amish sayings and biblical proverbs
• Perforated pages on heavy stock

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**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

5 StarIf given the chance to describe the perfect coloring book and have it created, this one, Quilts, Barns & Buggies would come very close. It has a lot of pages that are among my favorite styles. There are pages of just patterns (very quilt-like), pages that are scenes but have elements of patterns, thoughtful pages with sayings on them to be colored, and then some pages that are just a scene or simple object.

The sayings are a blend of passages from the book of Proverbs in the Bible or Amish sayings. They are full of wisdom and great things to think on.
While the pages have a decent amount of thickness to them, I suspect that this is a book that you will not want to use markers or ink on it. I am pretty sure they will bleed through and with images printed on both sides, that would not be desirable.

Overall, for my preferences, I think this is a great coloring book and would also make a wonderful gift for someone who is just getting interested in coloring books or loves all things Amish.

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